InFamous is a Sucker Punch Development and Sony Computer Ent published game. It is the first installment in a series of two games. A date has not been released for inFamous 2. It was released in North America on May 26th, 2009, if you pre-ordered you recieved an extra power from a redeem card. InFamous is a Playstation exclusive game for the PS3 Console.

Gameplay Edit

InFamous' controls are centered around the usage of the L1 button for the activation of powers, such as Lightning Bolt. Like most other games for the Playstation systems you move with the L3 analog. The same button is for aiming your powers too. You can also control a more powerful move you get, once you discover you other 19 powers, with the SIXASIS controler (either moving it left or right).

Overview Edit

Would you rather be a normal citizen, or be caught in a city-wide blast that levels the entire area of Empire City and gives you super-powers in the process? Yeah, I'd like powers too, especially of the electric sort. In inFamous, you play as Cole MacGarth who survives the city wide blast from what was caused by the Ray Sphere. There are thousands of lives lost as a result of its activation, but Cole survives the destruction. In the process he gains electricity-based powers that you can use to move around the city, fight, and to defend yourself against the several baddies you encounter in-game. But in order to use these special powers Cole must have a certain amount of power stored up; although there are some powers that don't consume his stock.

This game cought my attention when I played the demo version of it. The idea of your main character being on the good or evil side also got my attention. Its easier to become more evil than it is being a goody-two-shoes, besides who can resist thumb|300px|left|InFamous Duality Trailer frying a couple citizens when they're in your way? Or maybe just stomping all over them by jumping off a building and touching down to release a shockwave of energy that propels them sky-high? You can also use your powers for good though, for example saving a citizen from certain death by giving them an electric pulse or maybe cutting one down to save them from a mob reckoning.

InFamous utilizes the L1 button as its main system for activating most of your powers, which is sort of inconvieniant if you forget which button to press to activate your powers. I do have to say this though, Cole's absoulte last power, Lightning Storm (which is controlled by your SIXAXIS controller, is amazing in destruction and in security. There are also numerous checkpoints in the game in which you'd be very frustrated in not having while playing the game. For example, while taking down a hoard of "Reapers," and then being killed by a final boss you won't be obligated to redo that same massacre before taking on the boss. The wall-climbing could've been a little faster or atleast improved a little bit. It's like waiting for your PS3 to update, and everyone KNOWS how long that takes! Play as Hero or InFamous in this face paced, action-super hero video game!

Ratings Edit

Content Edit

  • The real-time reactions were great in this game. The only thing that I didn't like was the slow wall scaling, Cole's powers lack physical strength. Even while onmetal or electrical objects he's still slow. [9/10]

Graphics Edit

  • InFamous uses up all 1080p resolution for HDTV's, making this game come out awesome on a big screen like mine! Even using your powers on simple things like gas-stations make them actually explode. I was very happy with small things like this. [10/10]

Story-Line Edit

  • The game had several sub-adventures which makes the top gamers want to venture back into the original plot, but the usage in this type of game was great because it actually was useful in trying to figure out what was going on during the adventure. [9/10]

Originality Edit

  • Electricity-based powers are uncommon for super heroes now-a-days, because coming up with a cause and effect plot (atleast a good one) is hard to come by these days, so for the developers at Sucker Punch I give my greatest condolences. But this also isn't the first time a name like "Empire City," -- usually based in New York City -- is used in super hero games. [9/10]

Playback? Edit

  • This type of game usually ends up with you making occasional visits to the game and playing it for a little while, before you pop in something new. But I would play this again, only to reach the InFamous level and gain all the upgrades Cole has to offer. [8/10]
                                                                           {[(AVERAGE: 9)]}

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