Madden 10 is an EA sports American - football game in the Madden series. It is the 21st installment in the series based on the NFL 2008 - 2009 football season. It was released in North America on August 14, 2009. The game has also been released in Australia and Europe prior to the U.S. Madden 10 is playable on Xbox360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, iPhone, Microsoft Windows and PSP.


Gameplay Edit

Madden 10 uses the same controls as Madden 2009 and previous. However depending on what platform the game is to be played on, the control configuration capabilities differ. On Nintendo's Wii system for instance, the controls do not follow traditional gamepad rules as did the SNES, N64 and GCN in previous titles. The Wiimote and sensor bar allows you to swing those arms bring interactive gameplay to a whole different level. However tradition Madden players may have trouble re-adjusting to new motion-sensor controls. Check out each sub-article under console title to read more about play controls.

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