Prototype Box Art (PS3)


Radical Entertainment




PlayStation 3, Xbox360, Microsoft Windows

Release date(s)

NA: June 9, 2009


When I first decided on buying this game it was just heads or tails for me. But when I got home it immediately took me away with its amazing story-line. Alex Mercer, an infected super-being with powers of the unordinary. He's able to dice, whip, smash, and break all who stand in his way. His amazing abilities makes him stand out about all other super heroes. He can transform his arms into any form desired. In which he uses to put you back in your place.

When I first figured out how to scale 900 ft. buildings I was amazed. All of the action that goes on within it is well thought out and excavated. The plot itself is exicuted over an 18-day period of time; but when you discover the other twists an plot turns you might feel like you got put into the story. The game starts with Alex first realizing he has powers and that he cannot be killed with gunfire easily. It progresses to a point in the story where you find out the prologe of the events that happened actually led up to thumb|300px|left|Trailor video, all scenes are actual things you can do in-gameyou slinging Alex all over New York City to find an answer.

Prototype isn't all fun and games though, while easing threw the first couple days of being Alex you will find it harder to stick it to the military after a certain point. The tanks and even the helicopters become worthy opponents of Alex. I know because I myself got into it with them and had very bad luck trying to force them off and evade them. The bad guy infected army is also hard to come to deal with. Maybe 5 seconds after you beating one to death it can automatically start swinging on you whenever it pleases,you might find your self diving out of harmes way when you're confronted by many. The bosses themselves are very good at bringing you in to defeating them. But once you let them get to you it's game over.



  • I would've liked to see more of a GTA 3 or 4 reactions from the citizens in the game. If you pick up a card or just do something weird they'll stay in it and pretend nothings going on. [8/10]


  • This game operates on 720p which doesn't use the full 1080p of an HDTV. The buildings and people are very realistic so to speak. [9/10]


  • I myself thoght it to be original but I kept thinking about another super hero while playing the game. It was interestingly vague though, it only focuses on Alex trying to finding out what happened to himself and has no depth to it at all. [8/10]


  • As for Alex's powers, they are very unique and using one at specific moment in the story is very beneficial to getting across your point to the military, "I ain't goin' down EASY!" [9/10]


  • The Story+ mode at the end makes me wonder if the game makers want me to slaughter everyone again. [9/10]
                                                                     {[(AVERAGE: 8.6)]}

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